Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ages of innocence

The moon again, hanging out on the way in, the way out of work. Not much to say that hasn't been said many many times, except that it's splendiferous. Some might ask why I would even think to mention the cliche'd moon, but that is the point. I don't think to mention it, I simply do.

I've been traveling, working, dealing - finding that some people still believe in cruelty, in toughening up the kid with tough love and all that. It's not necessary, it's cruel, and adults are playing the game, and it's unseemly, tired.

Reading a blog just a few minutes ago, reading, "baby steps", I realize again, how tough 'normal' life is for some, how scars are reminders, how a pursuit so many take for granted and in stride, might be difficult for others. There is always the 'general', but also always the individual.

Thinking can be unhealthy, but it is also healthy. Some could think more, some less. When I think, sometimes I am thinking to avoid concluding. Concluding seems so final, but thinking is a meditative process. I've now reached a place where thinking is about thinking, which is as near to silence as I've ever been.

Lately, I've noticed that good intentions are suspect far too often. Too few people are comfortable with a compliment, with an offer for help. It seems to be written in some script that interest means Interest and that offers of kindness must be paid back. It seems some days that it is even difficult to help another person without motives being suspect.


Friday, February 4, 2011

More trees

People have been milling around me all week, while I tend table at an education fair. It's interesting stuff, technology that is truly amazing, more in materials than gadgets, but there are plenty of both.

The sun is setting behind the Carson Range, the Toiyabe National Forest, and to the east is the Virginia Range. These mountains are beautiful in a stark, bare, but warm, toasted way. The Carson Range has some serious peaks - about 10,000 feet, most in the 6-8,000 range. It's different, stark, beautiful. This is the state of Death Valley too, but it's a ways away. Lake Tahoe is only about 20 miles, the largest alpine lake in the US.

My tour is over, but I just wanted to mention the beauty here, to drop a picture, your view through my eyes. Enjoy.

Truth and absolution

It's a low budget, small but big casino hotel outside Reno, smoke and iceberg lettuce staples here. "The Nugget" is her name, complete with gold scales in the lobby, charming family run operation, and every minute confirms it's not for me. The non-smoking rooms have smoke coming in their bathroom vents, but curiously, the windows open.

It's perfectly imperfect, and I guess fun for some, a real charmer as the painting (not a real painting) in the bath proves. It's screwed to the wall, exactly as you see it.